Craycroft Road, River Road to Sunrise Drive

Craycroft Road, River Road to Sunrise Drive

The Craycroft Road project is located in the foothills ofthe Santa Catalina Mountains in Pima County, Arizona.  The project starts just north of the bridge that crosses the Rillito River and ends just south of the intersection of Craycroft  Road and Sunrise Drive.  The total project length is approximately 2.5 miles.

The improved Craycroft scenic roadway was designed and built to meet Pima County’s Environmentally Sensitive Roadway Design Guidelines through the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) process and provides safer access for local development, better facilitates drainage throughout the corridor and enhances public safety.

Under contract to the Pima County Department of Transportation, EEC provided roadway design, drainage design and analysis, field surveying and legal description services, joint utility trench design, water and sewer relocations, and environmental services.  EEC’s role included construction package production and coordination of all the stakeholders.  After-hours meetings with individual residents and neighborhoods were common during all phases of the project.  Meetings were also held on a weekly basis to discuss each aspect of the project and keep everyone informed about design changes.

In keeping with an environmentally sensitive directive, EEC worked with the contractor to create a unique set of concrete arch culverts to allow equestrians to travel under the Craycroft Road/River Road intersection.  The extra-tall culverts, along with ramps leading into and out of the Craycroft Wash, allow horses to travel the length of the wash while minimizing their contact with vehicular traffic.  Other improvements that were endorsed by the equestrian community include an intersection with special crosswalk push buttons installed at rider level and rough concrete pads for horses to stand on while waiting to cross the street.

Soil nail and MSE walls were used extensively throughout the corridor wherever retaining walls were required.  The naturally tiered appearance of the walls offered the opportunity to incorporate additional planting areas seamlessly into the wall face.  The decorative blocks used for MSE walls were also integrated into culvert wingwalls to promote a sense of continuity.  On walls that did not use decorative blocks, EEC worked with the project’s artist to create a canvas for striking, mineral-inspired artwork. Early coordination with the various utilities in the corridor allowed EEC to develop a dry utility joint trench concept that minimized trenching and allowed for the orderly installation of underground conduits.  Buy-in from the involved utilities allowed them to share in the design and construction costs.

Craycroft Road, River Road to Sunrise Drive

The benefit of this extensive project to the Pima County community is the value it will bring for years tocome as a safe, functional and environmentally compatible multimodal roadway that can be enjoyed by all.

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