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EEC is pleased to be involved in the development of the World View Enterprises facility. EEC is responsible for providing design of water, wastewater and dry utility corridor on a fast-track basis to meet the demanding schedule of the owner.

The 120,000 sf facility and spaceport will be located on a 28-acre parcel south of Tucson International Airport, near Aerospace Parkway and Hughes Access Road.  World View will use high-altitude helium balloon technology to gently lift scientific payloads twenty miles above earth for the purposes of scientific research and a wide range of other commercial applications. They have also proposed to use the technology to offer space tourism for individuals interested in taking a flight to near space.  The flights last five to six hours in a pressurized capsule set aloft with a helium-filled balloon.

The company was founded by Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum who were both among the original eight Biosphere 2 crew members.  They also co-founded Paragon Space Development Corporation, which designs and manufactures life support technologies rated for extreme environments and have supplied hardware to more than 70 spaceflight missions, including the International Space Station.

The company plans to begin operations at the site in November.

All images courtesy of World View.

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